Grilling Pineapple

"BBQ Pineapple!"

Have you been grilling pineapple and just not getting the flavour you desire?

Barbecuing pineapple adds a sweet twist to the flavour of your BBQ.

When cooking pineapple on the grill, the sugar in the pineapple caramalizes with the heat. "The twist"

Let's look at pineapple for the grill!

grilling pineapple

"Preperation - BBQ Pineapple"

• Start by peeling the pineapple, slice off the top and completely remove the skin.

• The easiest way to remove the skin is to cut down vertically, around the whole radius of the pineapple.

• Once skin has fully been removed slice the pineapple into 1 inch thick disc like pieces.

• To flavour your pineapple, soak the pieces in a marinating sauce.

• To make the sauce, add brown sugar, honey, water, and cinnamon into a large bowl.

• Let the pineapple pieces soak in the solution for an hour.

You can grill the pineapple without any flavouring but I flavour it to give it added flavour!

bbq pineapple

"Barbecuing Pineapple"

• Pre-heat grill to a medium heat.

• Lightly coat the grill grid with a little olive oil or cook & spray. (prevent the pineapple from sticking!)

• Pineapple must not be grilled for long only about a minute on eachside is enough!

• Serve sliced up into bite size pieces. It's great as a starter or as a tasty pudding.

Either way you will wow your guests with a fresh new taste. Enjoy!