Grilling Squash

"Tips and Techniques!"

Do you enjoy grilling squash? Want to grill squash at your next BBQ? Try out these tips and techniques!

Squash is very quick and easy to prepare on the grill. It turns out tasty and even the kids will like it.

You get two types of squash, either summer or winter squash.

Summer squash like zucchini and pattypan are bright in colour. They are soft and work really well on the grill!

Winter squash like butternut and spaghetti have a darker colour and a harder skin.

Great...let's prepare our squash for the grill!

grilling squash

"Preparing BBQ Squash!"

• Summer squash must be cut in half. Two equal pieces making it easier to manage on the grill.

• Winter squash will need to be cut into 3 or 4 equal sized pieces as winter squash is bigger.

• Clean out the seeds and wash under a running tap. Pat dry with a paper towel.

• Flavour with olive oil and your favourite herbs. Only season the exposed section.

• Use ingredients like garlic powder, butter, salt and black pepper!

Perfect...our squash is ready! Lets place it on the grill!

bbq squash

"Grilling Barbecue Squash!"

• Pre-heat the grill to a medium heat.

• Place the squash on and grill face up, so the open side is facing the sky.

• Grill for 5 - 6 minutes until you have brown grill grid markings.

• The shape of the squash causes the heat and moisture to get trapped and almost steam cook the squash.

• Squash is best served hot, straight off the grill.

Tips:You can also cut up your squash into cubes and place them on kebabs and grill them that way. Or place the cubes in tin foil with other selected vegetables and grill it.

Grilled squash is high in nutrition and the whole family will enjoy it.