How to boil an egg with very little effort.

"With very little effort"

I use a very simple way to boil eggs, here I'll show how to boil an egg.

In the pic, the First egg has been boiled for 10mins, second for 15mins and the third for 18mins.

Here are a few tips on boiling eggs.

• If you keep your eggs in the fridge, then it's wiser to place them in the pot with luke warm water (to try help prevent them from cracking). Let the water heat up and then start timing as soon as water reaches boiling point.

• For room temperature eggs, you can put them straight into the boiling water and time them from there.

• Make sure the eggs are totally submerged in the water.

• When the eggs are ready, simply replace the boiling water with cool water to make them easy to hande.

• Boiled eggs should be easy to peel, simply crack the shell all over and start peeling. If the egg white crumbles, this means either that you've not found the skin between the shell and the egg white or you've not cooked them long enough. (Peel so that the skin remains attached to the shell.)

P.S. If your eggs crack in the water, don't worry. It actually helps with the pealing process once they're cooked. Cracked eggs are very easy to peel when ready.

There you go!! That simple.

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