"Lighting The Bonfeu!"

"Quick and easy!"

Lighting The Bonfeu

The Bonfeu is lit very similar to any other charcoal grill. The Bonfeu has sufficient air passing through the charcoal chamber. Bonfeu BBQ InnershellThe tray has round like grooves to prevent coals from sliding around.

In the center of the tray there is a small protruding cone that was put there as a guide to reveal the center point of the grill to assist in distributing the coals evenly around the tray

We show you step by step how to get the perfect fire going with the Bonfeu. In our demonstration we used fire lighters but feel free to use lighter fluid or crumpled newspaper.

Lighting Demonstration

1) Break up 4 small blocks of fire lighter and place them in a bundle in the tray more or less in the first two circles of the tray, light them first and get them all burning then throw the charcoal over.

2) Wait for the coal to catch a light and start burning. You can start by moving the lit charcoal briquettes out to the sides of the tray and filling it with fresh briquettes.

3) Finally place more charcoal around the tray, enough so that the whole tray is full. Wait for the flames to die down and the coal to become ashy before you start grilling.