Outdoor Grilling Tips

"For the Barbecue!"

Looking for basic outdoor grilling tips? Nothing beats a great barbecue!

Think about it...what better way is there to spend your Sunday afternoon? With friends and family.

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We all stand around the grill with a drink in our hands and catch up on the latest news. There is nothing quite like it!

What I have been doing the last few years is at least once a month, I will invite friends to meet up at a specific BBQ spot. Like the park, beach or near a lake anywhere you can grill!

It's so nice to have a change from your usual back yard. We meet at different spots each time! It's an inexpensive way to have loads of fun!!

We bring balls to kick around or a cricket bat for a quick game or two! The ladies pull up a chair and sit in a circle while the guys grill the meat.

Trust me next Sunday you're bored sitting at home, don't know what to do with yourself. Get outdoors and have a grill out!!

Over the years I've been doing this I have a developed a few tips I'd like to share.

"Planning Check List - Outdoor Grilling Tips"

• Pack the grill, make sure you got enough charcoal or gas.

• Bring all the necessary utensils like your tongs, spatula, gloves, lighter and fire lighters.

• All the sauces and spices, you might need.

• Remember to bring cutlery for serving, tables and chairs for when you are eating. Have your beverages kept cool in your cooler bag.

• Prepare your vegetables the day before your barbecue. Vegetables should be sliced and prepared and placed in tupperware, ready to be served or grilled.

• Your meats should be trimmed, marinated and ready for the grill. Always store your food in a cooler bag with ice!

• Any games you going to play - soccer ball, cricket bat and ball. Whatever you and your friends are into!

bbq in the park

"Grilling - Outdoor Grilling Tips"

• The most important rule when having an outdoor barbecue is to make sure it is barbecue friendly. (You do not want to be prosecuted for breaking the law!!)

• Now days it is illegal to grill on certain beaches and parks. Check with your local community if your are actually allowed to barbecue at your spot of choice.

• Make sure you choose a spot that wont annoy any other members of the public, smoke and grilling smells might upset a few people. (only because you making them hungry!)

• Grill in an area that is clear of any bushes and trees, away from anything flammable. (no park fires please!)

• Be sure that the kids are playing far away from your burning barbecue, especially with the cricket bat!

• When grilling, avoid big flare ups by using a spray water bottle. Spray any flare ups as soon as they occur, keeping your smoke levels down.

• Once you have finished grilling put out the coals with water and leave to cool down.

• Clean any rubbish or debris that you might have left behind. Always dispose of your ash and left over coals in a disignated bin.