Gas Grilling Tips


Here you have some great gas grilling tips, straight from the experts! Get the most out of your gas BBQ, with proper gas grilling techniques.

On this page we've highlighted Gas Grilling Tips about:

• SafetyTips

• Inspection 

• Maintenance

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So...let's have a look!

"What do we know so far?"

So...we know gas grills are quick and convenient to use compared to charcoal grills...

But..there are certain techniques to follow to get the most out of your grill!!

These gas grilling techniques and tips will help you master your gas grill.

"Safety - Tips"

• When your propane tank is getting refilled, have the supplier check for any leaks. (saves you doing it!)

• When bringing the tank back home with you, always keep the car well ventilated. Keep the cylinder in an up right position. (windows slightly open)

• Always store gas cylinders in an up right position and in a cool place. (no direct sunlight!)

• When you not using your grill, make sure controls are switched off and the tank valve is closed. (no leaking gas!!)

• When lighting the grill make sure the lid is open. Gas will accumulate if there is no air flow. (follow manufacturers instructions)

"Inspections & Lighting a Gas Grill"

Gas Grill
Right, moving forward...during long periods of no use, the fittings and gas lines may come slightly loose. (oh no!)

So...what do you do?

Easy...tighten all the fittings and check that there are no small holes in the gas lines. (you shouldn't smell gas!!)

How do you check for leaks?

Easiest way...use soapy water in a spray bottle. Simply spray the water along the lines and fittings...

Any bubbles? There is a leak in the line. (replace!!)

A gas leak is dangerous! (it's flammable!)

Simple inspections before every use will ensure your safety. (safety first!)

"Keep your Gas Grill Clean"

plastic brush
Just like a charcoal grill a gas grill needs to be clean before you start grilling. (don't worry it's easy!)

After you lit the grill...turn it to the highest heat setting! After 5 minutes any left over grease is gone! (told you it was easy!)

The grill and burners need to be cleaned at least once a month. (especially if you grill as much as I do!)

A gas grill just needs a few simple wipes with warm soapy water and a soft cloth! (nothing too abrasive!)

"Make Sure you have enough Gas"

Gas Tank important! Twice before I had been in the middle of a barbecue and I ran out of gas...

I even had guests over!

So..have a spare gas tank handy or make sure it is full!!

Trust me never say can happen to you!

"Temperatures - Gas Grilling Tips"

Using a gas grill means you have no excuse for burning your meat! You have all the temperature control you need.

Don't try cook food too quickly, there is a medium and low setting for a reason...

Delicate meats like chicken and fish don't do too well with high temperatures!

Set your grill low and grill nice and slowly!

Hot dogs and burgers, yes a high heat works great!

Turn the heat up high, place your burgers on. Sear the outside for a minute or two...

Turn the heat down slightly and cook the inside. By searing the outside you lock in the juices!!

Best burgers you'll ever have... (use for pork chops aswell)

"Flavouring - Gas Grilling Tips"

wood chips
Gas grills can lack in flavour, compared to the flavour you get from charcoal.

Gas burners really cleanly, so...add some flavour!

Add a few wood chips in the smoke box or just above the burners.

With the flame burning it will burn the wood. This will create smoke and flavour the meat! (great smoky texture!)

Just...use aromatic woods not lumber or pine!!

They will give off a bad taste...

Check at the BBQ store for different woods you can use!

"Maintaining your Gas Grill - Gas Grilling Tips"

Use a brush with non abrasive bristles to brush off any left over food. The food left on the grill grid can eat away at the finish...

When storing your grill, disconnect the gas lines and make sure the gas valves are closed tightly.

Store your grill in a cool dry place and always cover with a nylon cover...

Your burners ports (holes where flames come out) might become blocked. (happens over time)

Use a thin wire to clear the muck it may cause uneven cooking. (last thing you want!)

The igniters might need to be replaced over time, check to see if they are giving off a good enough spark. If the grill isn't lighting, could just mean the igniters are gone! (or you could have no gas!!)