Low Carb BBQ Sauce

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"Low Carb Tomato & Onion Sauce"

Onions, low carb bbq sauce Ingredients

- Half Cup of dry apple cider vinegar

- 1 Can of chopped tomatoes (no sugar)

- 1 Onion minced

- Teaspoon of cinnamon

- Teaspoon of paprika


Cook the minced onion but let it cook its own sugars. Then add the can of chopped tomatoes and the apple cider vinegar.

Let ingredients mix then add paprika and cinnamon for flavour.

Makes a cup and a half of low carb barbecue sauce, delicious on chicken and beef.

"Chilli Low Carb Sauce"

Chilli Powder, low carb bbq sauce Ingredients

- 1 Minced Onion

- 1 Can Tomato sauce (no sugar)

- Quarter cup of Soy sauce

- Tablespoon of chili powder

- 3 Cloves of minced garlic

- 1 Minced red chili


Cook the chili with the onion until slightly brown. Then add the Soy sauce together with the can of tomato sauce.

Mix ingredients together and finally add the chili powder and the minced garlic.

Mix ingredients and let simmer for twelve minutes makes a cup and a half of sauce.

"Low Carb Bourben Sauce"

Red Onions Ingredients

- 2 Tablespoons of Bourbon

- 1 Red onion finely chopped

- 3 Tablespoons of tomato paste

- 1 Can tomato sauce (no sugar)

- 1 Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce


Cook the red minced onion until brown, add the can of tomato sauce. Mix ingredients then add the tomato paste with the Bourben.

Finally add the Worcestershire sauce and let ingredients simmer for five minutes.

This makes a cup and a half of BBQ sauce. One of my favourite low carb barbecue sauce recipes.

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