Raymond's Gourmet BBQ Rub's

by Raymond van Rijk
(Hawke's Bay, New Zealand)

Raymond's Gourmet Rubs

Raymond's Gourmet Rubs

What is a Rub?
Rubs are a carefully balanced combination of spices, herbs and seasonings that enhance the flavour of food in the simplest way possible. Nothing could be easier to use, but the results are an impressive increase in taste.

Just rub the mix over meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables and cook. Raymond’s Rubs also make delicious marinades, simply add olive oil to dry rub and spread wet mixture over ingredients.

A lighter flavoured herb rub, ideal for poultry or lamb. But don’t stop there…add it to bread dough, or brush sliced ciabatta bread with olive oil, sprinkle with Italiano & grill. Superb with roast potatoes, or foil wrapped baked spuds.

Beercan Chicken Rub:
The signature dish of Raymond’s BBQ Gourmet Courses. Everyone loves this: rub a whole chicken inside & out with the Beercan Chicken Rub, then grill indirectly seated on an open half-filled punctured beercan – you have to see it to believe it!

This is a spicy rub, it will send a little flicker of flame over the taste buds, but perfectly enhances the smoky flavour of grilled chicken.

Persian Rub:
This rub has a delicate flavour; soft & nutty, warm & spicy. Just perfect for fish. Sprinkle onto the fish, or add to flour and coat fish fillets. Delicious on scallops, and also great with lamb and couscous. For a luscious sauce fry a spoonful with finely chopped onions until it releases its fragrance (less than a minute), then add a tin of tomatoes. Cook, taste, eat!

Heavenly Hog Rub:
If you like pork, you’ll love this. There’s a tang and a tingle to this mix, but its sweet too. No one will want their pork chop, loin or fillet any other way. There’s just no need to make a sauce when you use this unbelievably popular rub.

Real Man’s Rub:
No getting round it, guys like to prove they are tough and this rub is the ultimate testosterone test for the taste buds! It’s hot and spicy - strong flavour for a thick juicy steak. Guaranteed to satisfy the biggest bloke.

Moroccan Rub:
Particularly delightful as a wet rub - add lemon juice & olive oil and spread paste in and on chicken or lamb. Adding fresh garlic to the paste or minced onion is recommended. This is a highly aromatic unique rub. Also wonderful gently fired in a heavy-bottomed pot before adding rice or Couscous.

For more info regarding barbeque recipes and courses visit: http://www.bbqgourmet.co.nz/

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