Tri Tip Grilling

"Barbecue Tips!"

Tri tip grilling. Get delicious barbecue tri tip steaks from your grill!

"Do you know what Tri Tip actually is?"

tri tip bbq

The tri-tip is a triangular end piece of a sirloin. It is a very tasty beef dish to do on the grill. The meat is a little denser than fillets, making it better for the barbecue!

Be careful though...don't over cook it or cook it too quickly, as it can become very tough!

Let me give you a step by step guide to get delicious barbecue tri tip.

Firstly start of with the correct piece of tri tip. Purchase it at 1 - 2 kg's in weight, we need a nice size of meat!

Great...we got the perfect tri tip let's prepare it for the grill!

Preparing Your BBQ Tri Tip"

• Avoid freezing the tri tip. If you have already frozen it, rather let it thaw out in the fridge overnight then defrosting it in the microwave. (defrosted meat loses flavour!)

• Soak the meat in a good beef marinade, we need it to soften up a little and let it soak in the flavours!

• Let it soak for a few hours in the fridge. Check out tri tip marinade for great recipes!

• Take it out the fridge and sprinkle over salt, pepper, oregano and thyme. (tasty!)

• Let the tri tip stand at room temperature for 20 minutes, before you place it on the grill.

Perfect...our tri tip is ready, let's get in on the grill!!

"Barbecue Tri Tip"

bbq tri tip

• Light up your grill as you normally would with a direct grilling technique. Have a look at lighting a charcoal grill for a great way to light it up. (quick & easy!)

• Pre-heat grill to a medium heat before placing on the tri tip. (charcoal 70% grey)

• Lightly grease the grill grid to prevent it from sticking.

• Place the tri tip on and you should hear a "slight" sizzle.

• Grill uncovered for 35 - 55 minutes, flipping often.

• Once done take off the grill and let it settle for 10 minutes before serving.

• Use a sharp knife to thinly slice up it up and serve! (mmm!!)

Tips: Always prepare tri tip medium rare, grill it any longer and it will turn out tough! You can grill with the lid on, it utilizes the heat more. (20 - 30 mintes!) now have the secret to a perfect BBQ tri tip!

I'm sure your family would love it the next time you grill!