Grilling Beef Tenderloin

"Tenderloin on the BBQ!"

Here is a great way of grilling beef tenderloin! Get it tasty and delicious, leave you craving for more.

Beef tenderloin or fillet is one of my favourites to do on the barbecue. Cut from the loin section of the cow, it's the most tender piece of meat you get. (that's why its so expensive!)

They make for perfect BBQ steak and come ready prepared from the butcher. (oh yes)

It is so veristile you can slice it into steaks or grill it as a whole...

Right...let's get right to it!

grilling beef tenderloin

"Preperation - BBQ Beef Tenderloin!"

• The great thing with tenderloin is it comes prepared. It also doesn't require much seasoing. (has a great natural flavour!)

• If you wish to grill steaks, then simply slice it up into 1 inch thick steaks before you season it.

• Just a little bit of salt and pepper will do the trick. (maybe a little garlic powder too!)

• You don't need to marinate tenderloin, the meat is tender already.

Great..our tenderloin is ready, let's pop it on the grill!!

grilling tenderloin

"Grilling Tenderloin Whole"

• Set the grill with an indirect grilling method!

• Get the grill to a nice medium heat. (grill nice and slow)

• Grease the grill grid with some olive oil.

• Every kilogram of tenderloin must be grilled for 20 minutes. (3 kg's of meat will require an hour to grill!)

• The internal temperature must reach 120 degrees for it to be cooked!

• Once done let is settle for 10 minutes before serving.

The secret to success with this, is to grill it nice and slowly! Grill it too quickly and it will start to dry out...

"Grilling Tenderloin Steaks"

• Prepare grill as you normally would with a direct heat. Check out the lighting a charcoal grill section.

• Set the grill to a high heat.

• Grill steaks for a minute on eachside. (by searing them you lock the juices!)

• Turn the temperature down to a medium heat and slow grill the inside.

• Grill for 5 minutes on eachside. (this is for 1 inch sized steaks!)

• Once done let settle for 5 minutes before serving. (yummy!!)

It is a bit easier to grill tenderloin on a gas grill as you can adjust the temperature. On yoru charcoal grill move the steaks away to a cooler spot on the grill after you have seared them.

Awesome...perfectly grilled steaks in no time!