Grilling Whole Turkey

"Check Out These BBQ Turkey Tips!"

Here are great tips and techniques Grilling Whole Turkey on the BBQ.

Whether it be grilling whole turkey or grilling turkey breasts!

Take your Pic!

"How good is a well prepared Turkey dinner?"

Turkey has become more and more popular to prepare on the grill. Turkey tenderloins, cutlets, breasts and the ever-popular whole turkeys are great to do on the barbecue.

When thanksgiving and christmas arrives, I prepare my turkey on the grill...

It turns out absolutely delicious and tender when done right.

Use these grilling tips and techniques to get your barbecue turkey perfect everytime. Add your own variations of seasoning and marinades to suite your taste.

Let's purchase the perfect turkey!

bbq turkey

Purchasing the Perfect BBQ Turkey

Medium to smaller sized turkeys are better for the grill. (large ones are hard to handle!)

Try get a turkey that is broad and flat. These are easier to cook through.

Buy turkey with a darker meat pigment. The darker the meat the better, as it can stand up to the high heat of the grill. (darker meat also holds flavours better!)

Great...we have got the perfect turkey, let's prepare it for the grill!

"Preparation For Grilling A Turkey!"

• Lightly coat the turkey with olive oil to keep the meat moist..

• Sprinkle over fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary and oregano.

• Do not stuff the turkey before grilling, rather wait for turkey to cook and then add pre-cooked stuffing. (stuffing doesn't work well on the grill!)

• Place the turkey in the fridge for a good 4 hours before placing on the grill. (let flavours sink through!)

Perfect...our turkey is ready let's get it on the grill!

grilling whole turkey

"Barbecue Turkey Pieces!"

When grilling turkey steaks or turkey breasts prepare your grill using direct heat. Check out lighting a charcoal grill for a step by step guide.

Lightly grease the grill grid with a little olive oil. (prevent any sticking!)

Pre-heat the grill to a high heat and place the turkey pieces on.

Grill on the high heat for a minute on eachside. (sear the outside to lock in the juices!)

Turn the heat down to a medium heat and slow cook the inside!

Once done serve straight away!

Tips: A charcoal grill should be your first choice. Place wood chips on the burners if you using a gas grill to create smoke! Sear the outside to lock in the juices.

Don't handle the turkey with forks, rather make use of a spatula. (avoid piercing the meat!)

"Grilling Whole Turkey!"

Light up your grill using an indirect grilling method.

We need to slow grill the turkey to cook the inside without burning the outside.

Lightly grease the grill grid with olive oil and pre-heat to a medium heat.

Place the turkey on the grill grid over the aluminum foil tray.

Grill with the lid closed to create an oven effect.

Once done leave it to stand for 15 minutes before serving. (let the juices settle!)

Tips: Use a charcoal grill or smoker to prepare whole turkeys. Top up with 20 or so charcoal briquettes every 40 minutes to keep a constant heat.

"Turkey Grilling Times!"

BBQ Turkey tenderloins/cutlets are done in 10 - 15 minutes (direct medium heat)

Grilling Turkey breast, done in 1 - 2 hours (medium direct heat)

Turkey drumsticks or thighs are done in an hour (in-direct medium heat)

Whole medium turkeys are done in 2 - 4 hours (in-direct medium heat)

Next time you cook a turkey, you have to try it on the grill! Whether it be Thanks Giving or Christmas, you can't beat BBQ turkey!