How To Grill Ribs

"Let try some great tasting Barbecue Ribs!"

Learn how to grill ribs on your barbecue. The step by step guide!

BBQ Ribs

I know...ribs can be difficult to get just right on the barbecue. Especially when doing them on your gas grill!

The underlining key to succes is to grill them really slowly! On your charcoal grill there is plenty of smoke which is a great thing for ribs. Gas unfortunately there is no smoke as gas burns cleanly...

Gas grills are great for quick direct grilling but not great at getting tender smoky ribs. (oh no!!)

Unfortunately you won't get that desired smoky taste you get with a smoker or a charcoal grill.

But...wait there is hope, I have a way!

If you do have a charcoal grill and want to know how to barbecue your ribs, have a look at cooking barbeque pork ribs!

Got a gas grill? Continue reading...

Here is my step by step guide to getting the best gas grilled ribs ever!!!

You ready?...Let's get to it...

"Preparation - Gas Grilling Ribs"

• Use the same trimming as described in cooking barbeque pork ribs. Try remove more of the fat then you normally would grilling on a charcoal grill as the ribs will be cooked slightly quicker.

• Once done with trimming rinse the ribs under a cold running tap and pat dry with a paper towel. (nice & clean!)

• Coat the ribs with your favourite BBQ dry rib rub. Make sure the whole rib rack is fully covered, front and back. Use a rub that wont over power the ribs but add to its natural flavour. Check BBQ rib rub for geat recipes!

• Gentle rub the ingredients on the rack to make sure the flavours penetrate through. Don't leave the rub on the ribs for longer than an hour as the ingredients will cure the meat. (no ham taste!)

Now you know how to grill ribs!

"Prepare Gas Grill - How To Grill Ribs"

To create a bit of a smoky flavour to your ribs, add wood chips in the smoker box or over the burners...(smoky taste!)

The wood chips need to be slightly damp to make them burn for longer.

You might need to keep adding wood chips to keep the desired smoke level.

If your grill doesn't have a smoker box and you then need to place the wood chips over the burners. Use aluminum foil to hold the wood chips.

Make the foil into two small squares large enough to cover the burner...Don't pack the wood chips in the foil too tightly.

Think of the way you pack a sandwich in foil. Same way, just the wood chips are the sandwich!!

Pierce a few holes in the foil and only one place the foil over the burner.

The flame burns the wood creating flavourable smoke!!

The ribs mustn't be placed directly over the lit burner. Place the ribs slightly away, over a non lit burner. (making sense?)

The heat needs be in indirect contact to the ribs!!

Now we can learn how to grill ribs!!

grilled ribs

"Gas Grilling Ribs"

• Set the temperature to a low setting and close the lid.

• Keep the lid closed to keep the smoke in as much as possible. The idea is to cook the ribs slowly using the built up smoke. (you wanted them nice & smoky!)

• Be patient allow the ribs to cook for 30 minutes. (don't lift the lid!)

• Remove the ribs and coat them well with your favourite BBQ sauce. (yummy!)

• Tightly wrap each rack in tin foil, and place back on the grill with the lid closed. (this keeps them tender!)

• Turn the heat up slightly. (another few degrees)

• Grill ribs for a further 40 minutes with the foil wrapped tightly around them. Keep the lid closed for the full duration of the 40 minutes.

• Remove ribs from the foil and coat with another layer of your BBQ sauce.

• Replace the other aluminum square of wood chips with the new one.

• Turn the heat down again to the low setting.

• Grill ribs for a further 20 minutes until done.