Tips on Grilling Steaks

"Learn how to Grill the Perfect steak"

Are you looking for tips on grilling steaks? Try these steak grilling instructions to get the perfect steak!

Grilling steak

Do your steaks turn out dry and really tough? What are you doing wrong?

I know, I have had tough dry steaks come off my grill...

Let's put an end to it right now!

Let me try show you from my experience how to get perfect steaks everytime. Juicy and tender that will get your family and friends coming back for more!

What you need to know is when meat cooks the fibres tighten, which squeeze out the juices. This happens even faster on a BBQ without a lid.

Lids keep in the moisture, high heat can dry out the steaks out as well.

You ready? Let's get to it...

"What To Buy"

First and foremost you need high quality meat to start, which is of the right cut and weight.

If you don't know how to check the quality of meat ask your butcher! Tell the butcher you are looking for quality steaks for the grill. There are so many factors that determine the quality...

The right cut is whether it is a t-bone, fillet, sirloin or flank steak for example! The more tender the meat the better it is for the grill. The balance of heat on the grill tends to determine the tenderness of the cooked meat.

The weight is basically the size of the cut. You want your steaks to be at least an inch thick! (thinner cuts dry out too quick!)

Great...we got the perfert steak, let's prepare it for the grill!

"Preparation - Tips on Grilling Steaks"

• Avoid freezing meat over a long period of time because freezing then thawing, makes the steaks become dry. (no dy steaks!)

• If you had no choice and had to freeze your steak then leave it in the fridge overnight to thaw out slowly. Rather than defrosting it in the microwave. (defrosting dries steaks even more!)

• Trim any excess fat off, as fat shrinks when it is being cooked and can cause the your nice steaks to curl. (oh no!)

• When marinating, you want to put spices and sauce on both sides. With tender cuts like fillet, don't over marinate, try keep it's natural flavour. (just a bit of salt & pepper is fine!)

• Start with a dry rub, which you gentle rub on the surface. Be sure to check steak rub recipe for tasty rubs! (oh yes!)

• You may pour a little sauce over to moisten the meat. Make sure there is no sugar in the sauce. Sugar burns over the high heat of the grill!

Perfect...we are a step closer to eating our steaks! Let's get them on the grill!!

"Steak Grilling Guide - Tips on grilling steaks"

Grilled Steak Pieces • Grease the grill grid with a little olive oil and heat the grill up to a high heat.

• Place your steaks on and grill for a minute and a half on eachside to sear the outside. (searing locks in the juices!)

• Then turn the heat down to a medium heat. (we want to slow cook the inside!)

• Grill for 8 - 15 minutes on eachside, just depending on how you want them cooked. (how you want it rare, medium or well done?)

• To tell if your meat is done right, simply press in the center with your index finger. A 'medium rare' will be soft in the centre, a 'medium' will be firm but still a bit yielding whilst a 'well done' will be firm.

• Once done take them off the grill and let them stand for five minutes before seving. (let the juices settle!) to remember, great steaks need to be seared on the outside. Always use a spatula and not a fork when grilling steaks!! The fork pierces the meat and all the great juices run out! you've got some great tips on grilling steaks!!!

"Have Fun!!