Gas Grilling Turkey

"How to BBQ Turkey!"

What's there to learn about gas grilling turkey? Have a look at these how to BBQ turkey tips!

Okay... it's time for a change, does a steak taste better on a BBQ or done in the oven?

It's a million times better off the grill right?

bbq's the same with turkey!

Once you try it on the grill you will know how great BBQ turkey really is...

It gives the turkey a great smoky taste and it creates a delicious crispy outer layer!

The inner meat turns out tasty and tender...

Turkey will always be cooked slowly whether it be in the oven or on the grill. Use an indirect grilling method when preparing turkey, any other way the outside gets burnt and the inside stays raw...

So..let me show you how to get the best cooked turkey ever!!!

On this page we show you how to get the best result on a gas grill...

If you got a charcoal grill check out grilling whole turkey, for a great grilling method!

Okay...let's get to it!

"Preparation - How To BBQ Turkey"

• Get turkeys that have already been cleaned and processed. (makes your life easier!)

• Let the turkey reach room temperature for about half an hour before seasoning. (no longer)

• Flavour your turkey with your favourite spices and marinade. Coat the surface with a thin layer of olive oil to create a protective coat for grilling.

• Don't add stuffing to the turkey before you grill it. (never ends up cooked properly)

"Grilling - How To Barbeque Turkey"

bbq turkey
• To create an indirect grilling heat only light up one burner and leave the one next to it off.

• Place the turkey on the grill grid over the off burner.

• Set the grill to a low heat setting.

• Close the lid and grill for 2 hours. (keep the lid closed!)

• After the 2 hours open the lid and coat with a sauce of your choice. (BBQ sauce works great!)

• Turn the turkey 180 degrees so that the otherside faces the heat source.

• Close the lid and grill for another 2 hours until done.

• Once done, let the turkey to settle for 10 minutes before serving.

"Safety Tips"

• Never leave turkey standing at room temperature for longer than an hour! (whether it's cooked or raw!)

• Always check to see the turkey is fully cooked by slicing through to the middle. (a nice white colour)

• When buying the turkey always check the expire date! (safety first!) Thanks Giving & Christmas do yourself a favour and try gas grilling turkey!!