Grilling Pork Chops

"How to BBQ Pork Chops!"

"Grilling Pork Chops!"

Grilling pork chops can be great fun on the BBQ!

Pork chops are delicious but when they're done on the Barbecue they come out with great taste.

On this page we've highlighted:

  • How to prepare your chops 
  • How to grill them

"Buy The Perfect Chops"

When you go out and purchase your pork chops choose ones that are quite thick. (they easier to grill!)

The thinner cuts tend to dry out quickly and need to be cooked quite fast.

Where with thicker cuts, can be grilled nice and slowly!

Avoid getting boneless cuts as they require more seasoning. The bone gives off flavour to the meat while you grilling it. (the more flavour the better!) got your chops let's prepare them for the grill!!

"Preparing - BBQ Pork Chops"

  • Don't defrost frozen chops in the microwave. Rather let them thaw in the fridge. (defrosting meat makes it loose flavour!)

  • Trim off any excess fat or loose pieces of meat.
  • Marinate chops overnight in the fridge. Give it the flavours time to soak through. (makes it juicy & tender!)
  • Some good marinating options include vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice or a good chop marinade.
  • Sprinkle over some dry spices like oregano, thyme, salt and pepper.
  • Remember to give the flavours time to sink through the meat.

Perfect...get it out the fridge and let's get grilling...

"Barbecue Pork Chops"

  • Light up the grill and get it to a high heat! Place the chops on and grill for a minute and a half on each side. (sear the outside to lock in juices!)

  • Turn the heat down to a medium heat and slow cook the inside.
  • Pour over lemon juice or sugarless sauce. (sugar burns at high temperatures!)
  • The chops will be done between 10 - 15 minutes, just depending on how you want them. (yummy!)
  • Once done, remove from the grill and leave to settle for 10 minutes before serving! (inner juices need to settle!)
  • Have plain or serve with your favourite barbecue sauce!

See...perfectly grilled pork chops right from your grill. Remember to sear the outside of the meat! (the trick to success!)


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