Grilling Steak Techniques

"Looking for Grilling Steak Tips?"

Here are great grilling steak techniques that we've learned over the years.

For great barbecue steak start with great grilling steak tips...

The problem with gas grilling steak is it can very easily turn out dry and leather like.

How many times have you had dried steak off your grill?

It is difficult to know when the steak is cooked just right...

On this page...I show you how to get the best steak possible right off your gas grill!

If you got a charcoal grill check tips on grilling steaks for charcoal!!

Right...ready to move on? Let's go!!

Everyone has their own unique perfect steak! Some like it rare and pink! Well others like it well done and the colour of charcoal...

How do you like yours? I'm...smack bang in the middle, I like mine not rare but not on the brink of being burnt either.

It must be a well done medium steak! (mmm!!)

It is important to know how to get the steaks exactly the way you want! show you!

barbecue steak

"Determine the Steak - Gas Grilling Steak techniques"

• Find out how everyone wants their steaks cooked. Write it down incase you forget!

• For rare and medium-rare, use a high temperature setting. (grill these first)

• The idea is to sear the outside of the steak and keep the inside rare but still cooked!

Well done steaks...the temperature needs to be of a medium heat to low heat. Just depending on the thickness of the cut. The thinker the cuts are the lower the temperature must be...

• The steak needs to be cooked slowly to cook it right through! This prevents it from drying out...(oh goodie!!)

Preparation - Grilling Steak Tips

• Trim the steak of excess fat, leave only a thin layer! (little fat adds to the taste!)

• Rinse...under a cool running tap and pat dry with a paper towel. (nice & clean)

• Rinsing the steak before hand makes the outer layer moist, this will hold any herbs and spices to the steak...

• Add a dry rub to your steak it adds a protection layer plus it adds flavour...

• Use ingredients like salt, pepper, onion, garlic powder and olive oil.

Check out our steak rub recipe selection! your steaks are ready for the grill!

"Grilling The Steak - Gas Grilling Steak Tips"

grilled steak

• When grilling your steaks avoid flipping them too early or often. Look for signs on the steaks surface for when it's ready to flip. (easy mistake to make)

• The steak starts to bleed through and small red spots start to form on the surface, then flip it over.

• Ideally you only need to flip the steak over once but if you looking to create a criss-cross grill pattern then you flip it a few more times!

• Grilling times are so important to get them just right!

Here are some guide lines:

Rare - 8 and 16 minutes

Medium - 12 and 22 minutes

Well done - 16 and 28 minutes

These guidelines are for your average 1 inch thick steaks...

After you take your steaks off the grill, always let them sit for 5 minutes before serving. This will let all the inner juices settle! got all the gas grilling steak techniques you need!!

What you waiting for?

Light up the grill, get out the steaks and barbecue!!