Hamburger Sauce

"Burger Sauce Recipes!"

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"Cheese Burger Sauce"

Grated Cheese

- 1 Cup grated cheddar cheese

- 1 Cup Flour

- 1 Cup milk

- Teaspoon of salt

- Teaspoon of pepper

- Tablespoon of thyme

- Tablespoon of butter


Start by melting butter in a medium sized pot. Then add grated chedder cheese and cook until the cheese starts melting.

Pour milk together with the thyme.

Add the cup of flour to get the consistency you desire, add more flour to get sauce thicker or add more milk to make it thinner.

Then finally add the salt and pepper to flavour, cook until the sauce is white and creamy.

This makes a cup and a half of burger sauce.

"Traditional Sauce"

Dry Mustard Ingredients

- Half cup of tomato sauce

- Tablespoon of dry mustard

- Tablespoon of brown sugar

- Half cup of BBQ sauce

- Tablespoon of apple dry vinegar

- Tablespoon of ground black pepper


One of my favourite burger sauces to make you basically just need to heat ingredients. Start with adding tomato sauce and BBQ sauce in a medium pot.

Then add dry mustard and brown sugar. Mix ingredients together then add apple dry vinegar and black pepper.

Let simmer for five minutes makes a cup and a half of sauce.

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