Gas Grill Cooking

"Let's look at Grilling with Gas!"

Get the most out of gas grill cooking. Grilling with gas should be fun and safe.

Gas grills have come along way from where hey first started. The first grills were big and clumsy. They didn't offer much in even heat distribution.

On this page we've highlighted:

How to light up a gas grill (really simple)

Gas cooking tips (some good ones)

What makes gas so popular

Gas Grill Cooking

Now days seventy percent of grillers choose gas. The reason being it is more convenient and quick. (we getting lazy!)

They offer infinite control and even heat distribution.

With gas being so cheap, they have also become one of the most economic ways to cook. (another reason to grill more!)

So...go on get the barbecue out and lets get grilling!!

"Gas Grills - Gas Grill Cooking"

Gas grills are fueled by either propane, butane or natural gas. All are easily attainable and make for effecient cooking.

They are many variations of gas grills, some are portable while others are pretty large. (great garden features)

When purchasing your new gas grill look out for:


Construction (materials used)

Effeciency (you want something practical)

We have listed a large selection of gas grills for you to look at. They range from small portable units to a large garden feature.

All come highly recommended from grillers worldwide, hopefully you find the grill you looking for...

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"How To Light A Gas Grill"

A gas grill is easy to start up compared to charcoal units. Normally a flick of a switch and you are ready to go. (oh ya!)

• Always check the tank for any obvious leaks. (safety first!)

• Open the lid and any air vents. We need good air ventilation to get the fire going. (no air, no fire!)

• Slowly open the valve on the tank to let the gas through.

• Turn on one of the gas burners. (low setting)

• Either switch the auto ignitor on or throw a lit match near the burner to get the fire going.

• Turn up the heat on the burner and you ready to start grilling. (awsome!)

This is a general safe method for lighting up a gas grill but always use the manufacturers instruction to get the best results.(they might have a better method)

cooking with gas

"Cooking With Gas - Tips"

• Look after the tank, burners and connectors, so no leaks and cracks form. Keep the grill covered! (safety first!)

• Light up the burners at the highest temperature for 5 minutes before you start grilling. This will burn off any leftover residue. (easy way to clean!)

• Always follow manufacturers instructions when using your gas grill.

• Keep lava rocks clean, as any built up grease can cause flare ups. Replace any lava rocks that have broken apart.

• The only real danger with gas grilling is the propane or gas used is highly flammable. Get into the habit of doing routine checks before you start grilling.

• Always store your gas tank in a safe dry spot, out of the way of direct heat from the sun.

• Make sure all fittings are fitted tightly so no gas leaks while you are grilling.

• Don't let a minor under the age of sixteen operate a gas grill unattended. (no kids, please!)

Check out Gas Grilling Tips for more great information on using a gas grill and maintenance!

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"How To Cook With Gas - Gas Grill Cooking"

There are certain techniques to getting great results with your gas grill. Gas grilling is similar to grilling with charcoal. But with a few added benefits...

The best thing though is your are able to adjust the heat, which allows you to grill your meat perfectly. (juicy, with no burning)

Meats like burgers, sausages and chicken pieces are grilled the same way you do on a charcoal grill.

Preparing meats like ribs, whole chickens and turkey are done more easily on a gas grill. The reason being is you are able to grill nice and slowly on a low constant heat.

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"Why is Gas Grill Cooking so popular"

The main advantage with gas is convenience, most comes with their own igintors. One flip of the switch and your ready to start grilling. (how nice!)

Clean up is a breeze compared to a charcoal grill. No need to dispose of ash and unburnt charcoal. They cool down a lot quicker and a simple wipe and they clean! (can't beat that!)

Gas gives you the freedom to cook different types of food at different temperatures. (you are in control for a change!)

Most come with more than one heat source which can be controlled. Allowing you to cook different foods at the same time. (there is more than 1 heat source)

They have become very safe to use. Just follow the safety instructions and never grill with a damaged tank! (use comman sense!!)

Gas grills can be used all year round, even in snowy cold weather. (can't use the weather excuse anymore!)

"Great Gas Extras - Gas Grill Cooking"

Cooking with Gas
Most gas grills have built in electronic igniter which means no more fuss with matches or lighters.

And...these days, gas burners have become really versatile to how they used to be. Let me explain...

You can set your grill really low so that the burner only lets off a little gas. This allows slow grilling for your more delicate foods like chicken. No more burnt chicken!!

Plus... you can also leave your sauces on, to keep warm!

The other end of the scale you can set your burner to a high level which lets off a lot of gas. By doing this you create a very high heat which is great for fast grilling!

Great for searing steaks and boiling water!! Just like the kitchen stove.

The burner flames are easy to control and can be turned off and on with a flick of the switch. (see why gas is so popular?)

That raps up gas grill cooking!